In today’s evolving healthcare delivery environment, the challenges associated with receiving the highest quality care, while also having an individualized relationship with your physician that enables immediate access to care, are becoming more significant. Wait times are getting longer while time with your care provider is getting shorter.

Duke University Health System and its primary care and specialty physicians have for many years been ranked among the finest providers in the United States. Now, Duke is combining the best in sophisticated, excellent medical care with a personal relationship with some of our leading primary care physicians that revolves entirely around your needs, your health, your time and your convenience.

Duke Signature Care offers an exciting new approach, concierge primary care medicine. It’s an innovative model which allows you to make appointments at your convenience, speak with your doctor over their personal mobile phone, or send a text message with a brief question.

Duke Signature Care takes you back to when your physician knew you by name and integrates that time-honored relationship with cutting edge medicine and contemporary communication technologies. It means that on a Saturday you can email your physician. While on vacation, your physician can call you in a prescription.

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